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Q: Are metal roofs noisy?

A: No, the stone coated steel design deadens the sound of the rain and even hall unlike a non-stone coated metal roof.


Q: Is a metal roof hotter in the summer and colder in the winter?

A: No, many customers report a reduction ln in energy costs during summer and winter months. Also, a DECRA roof can be installed over an existing roof, providing additional insolation from temperature externs.


Q: Is a metal roof dangerous in weather with lightning?

A: No, metal roofing is both an electrical conductor, and a non-combustible metal.


Q: Can I walk on my DECRA roof?

A: Absolutely. DECRA roofs are made of steel and designed to with stand the weight of people walking on them.


Q; Can I get a discount on my homeowners insurance?

A: You may, DECRA has a Class 4 hail rating - the highest rating UL offers. In many states, the Class 4 rating can earn a discount on homeowners Insurance. Just ask your local agent for details ln your state.


Q: How do DECRA roofs withstand an earthquake?

A: Very well. A metal roof usually weighs half as much as a typical composition shingle roof. Why is that beneficial during an earthquake? A full discussion is available in our case study covering the NextGen Home 2009.


Q: Is a metal roof hotter in the summer and colder in the winter?

A: No. Many customers report a reduction in energy costs during summer and winter months. Also, a DECRA roof can be installed over an existing roof, which creates even more insolation from temperature extremes.


Q: Is a DECRA Roofing System more expensive?

A: DECRA roof offers more value for your money. With a minimum 50 year life expectancy, you would have to purchase and install 2·1/ 2 shingle roofs for the cost of one DECRA roof. Like most products you buy, "you get what you pay for." A DECRA roof offers more for your money. It’s no bargain to put two roofs on your house because the first one was "cheaper" and subsequently failed. A DECRA roof can last a lifetime. DECRA is also quite durable because the aluminum-zinc: alloy coated steel enhances the superior weathering and corrosion resistance of each roofing panel.


Q: Is a DECRA Roofing System warranted?

A: The best in the industry. DECRA Roofing Systems carry a unlimited lifetime warranty including 120 mph winds, hail penetration for any size hail and manufacturing defects including excessive granule loss. In addition, material and labor are covered for the first 20 years after that time; material is covered the remaining warranty period.


Q: What is the best reason to buy DECRA Roofing System?

A: Well, we’ve given quite a few reasons, but the best reason is our success ln the industry. As the original stone coated steel manufacturer, our products have been proven around the world ln more than 120 countries since 1957.


Q: Is water run-off from a metal roof potable?

A: Yes, the water run-off from our products meets the world Health Organization Standards testing. However rainwater is variable across regions; atmospheric conditions should be considered in actual use. Water collected during the first or second rain fall after extended dry periods can be contaminated by dirt accumulation.


Q: Do you use a non-oiled granule?

A: We use only 3M granules and they do have a small amount of mineral oil on them. However, the minuscule amount does not interfere with the adhesion of our basecoat, and does not affect water run-off.


Q: Does granule size matter in the longevity of" the product?

A: Deterioration of the coating takes place when there is exposed, uncovered basecoat; granule size smaller or larger does not ensure better coverage.


Q: Is a metal roof only for commercial buildings?

A: No, DECRA's product profiles and attractive ceramic stone granules do not resemble the standing seam roofs of the commercial industry; they add value and curb appeal to any roofing Installation.


Q: Why is DECRA the original stone coated steel roofing product?

A: OECRA has a long history and is the original stone coated steel product developed by L.J. Fisher in 1957 as a solution to a wartime crisis.